Summer 2021 Schedule

Re-gathering update

We’re excited that we are back meeting indoors every week!

We have received clearance to meet indoors at the Somerville Theatre and Atlantic Middle School in Quincy, however, we have not yet been given clearance to meet indoors at Blackstone in the South End. Boston Public Schools make the call on this and as of now, they are not allowing outside organizations to rent any of their schools. 

We are excited to say that we have a venue that we are taking next steps with while we wait for BPS to let us back into Blackstone! Now that we have a space, our main focus is making sure that the South End regathers in a way that is sustainable, especially when it comes to volunteers with Reunion Arts. We are actively recruiting people to serve as producers, on sound and slides, and as musicians for all of our locations, but especially for the South End.

Our plan is that we will continue meeting indoors each Sunday in Somerville and Quincy while we prepare for the South End to regather.

DECEMBER 2021 Schedule


Location: Atlantic Middle School

Address: 86 Hollis Ave. Quincy, MA

Parking: Parking Lot

What to bring: Just yourself and a mask, we are back indoors!!

Bathrooms: Yes


Location: The Somerville Theatre

Address: 55 Davis Square, Somerville MA 02144

Parking: Street Parking 

What to bring: Just yourself and a mask, we are back indoors!!

Bathrooms: Yes

December 5th 10:30am

Quincy & Somerville

Join us as we’re meeting in both Quincy and Somerville indoors!

December 12th 10:30am

South End Joint Gathering

Join us as we have a Reunion-wide gathering!

We will be meeting at UMass-Boston in their University Hall Building (University Drive North, Dorchester, MA 02125). You can park at the adjacent lot of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute.

December 19th 10:30am

quincy & somerville

Join us as we’re meeting in both Quincy and Somerville indoors!

December 22nd 10:30am



What To Expect…

When you arrive, scan our QR Code!

Every Sunday, when you arrive at our gathering, scan the QR code we’ll have at the table you enter with your phone.  You’ll be directed to important information for that Sunday’s gathering.

Masks are Required

As we move indoors, we are requiring masks at each location. The city and buildings we are renting from are requiring masks and we will abide by those policies. 

The person leading worship, the person giving announcements, and the person preaching will not be wearing a mask while on stage. 

If you forget a mask, we will have disposable ones available.

Social Distancing

You might be ready to hug and high five but it doesn’t mean others are. Be respectful of people’s needs and their desire to social distance right now. Please also maintain a distance of six feet or more between you and non-family members when finding a place to sit.

Bring Your Entire Family

This will be a family friendly gathering and children are welcome to join us to worship. Due to Covid-19, we will not have children specific programming in-person until it is safe to do so. However, we hope you can join us online!

  • Reunion Kids Gathering
    We are continuing to have our Reunion Kids Gathering each Sunday. Head over to the Parents Loop for activity pages that go along with the lesson .
  • Toddler Tuesday
    We hope you can join us each Tuesday as we sing and listen to a story. It will premiere on our YouTube channel and Instagram pages at 9:00am
  • Parents Loop
    Click here to sign up for the Loop to find out what is happening each month


As a community, one of our rhythms is taking communion every week for those who want to participate in remembering Christ’s death and resurrection.  We will have individually pre-packaged juice and wafer sets for you to use.  You may remove your mask when partaking in communion if you choose to participate.

Please Stay Home If…

If you are not feeling well, concerned that you have been exposed, at risk, or simply uncomfortable attending right now, we would kindly ask you to remain at home and worship online.

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