-Friends, the events of the past month have left all of us reeling. We are mourning, angry, hurt, confused, sad and everything in between. Yet, we are also resolved. We are resolved to condemn racism and systemic racism that is so deeply rooted in our nation, our churches and our lives. We are resolved to lament, mourn and walk through this together as a family. We are resolved to cry together, to pray together and to work towards justice and equality, together. We are resolved to listen well to the voices, lives and experiences of our black and brown brothers and sisters, because Black Lives Matter. We are resolved to resource and equip our community to have the hard discussion necessary to move forward. We are resolved to be a community committed to the ministry of reconciliation Christ gave to us. We are resolved.

A friend of mine challenged the church to, 

“Lean into knowledge
Listen to what is being said
Learn about it
Labor to change things
Lead others” – Kyle-Durrell Johnson

To that end we want to provide resources for all of us to Lean. Listen. Learn. Labor. Lead.

Below you will find resources in regards to understanding systemic racism and it’s lasting affects on our present reality. You will find resources for spaces to begin conversations in our community and in your own life. You will find resources for walking through this reality with your children. You will find resources for trauma and healing. 

Most importantly you will find resources that challenge all of us to Lean into knowledge. Listen to what is being said. Learn about it. Labor (together) to change things. And lead others down the path of Christ’s humility, grace and ministry of reconciliation. 

Spaces for Learning and Discussion:

The Race and Christian Community Initiative (Boston led initiative through Emmanuel Gospel Center) – A space with workshops, events, and community forums to confront and address racism in our world, lives and city. 

Be The Bridge– a space for discussion and learning to cultivate relationships, healing and restoration

Movies to watch on your own or to discuss with friends:

13th – On Netflix
Just Mercy – free on amazon right now! 

Resources for healing racial trauma:

Hope after trauma– A bible reading plan for hope and healing from trauma

Healing Racial Trauma – A book about unpacking the deep wounds and superficial fixes in order to pursue healing from racial trauma

Additional helpful resources compiled by our diverse team of elders:


The Reunion Team