An online shift & four types of community!

What a strange week, huh? We’ve seen extreme acts of selfishness and fear, but we’ve also seen the best of humanity on display. We’ve seen the pain of isolation but we’ve also seen the blessing of the internet, social media, and the human ability to find connection in very creative ways.  Our main desire in the coming weeks is to create space for you to connect and grow spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. Discipleship happens in the context of community. We understand that many people Discover Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did differently and in different seasons and spaces, but almost always in the context of a relationship, a conversation or a friendship. Realizing our limitations of being a fully digital community for the foreseeable future we are shifting the way we approach “community building”. We have created 4 types of community for you to engage in and stay connected to the REUNION family. 

Life Communities
– (formerly Community Group) are places where life is shared and lives are changed. LCs center around relationships and meaningful, challenging conversations. (All of these groups are still meeting through Zoom. You should get an email from your LC leader soon!)

Connecting Communities are places where relationships are broadened and common interests are enjoyed together. (Cooking classes, Yoga online, Kids Storytime, songwriters guild, etc)

Formation Communities
are experiences, trainings, retreats, or classes that deepen our knowledge of God and self, leading to transformation. (Book club, Leadership Community, Midday Prayer, Starting point class)

Neighboring Communities are spaces where we learn to be good neighbors by serving our city. (serving alongside blackstone, “I can help link on website”, Partnering with Community Cooks)

Information can be found in the loop, social media, and there is a one stop shop calendar on the website in the calendar section. We want to encourage everyone to download the video software “Zoom”. You can get the phone app, or computer app, and it takes just a few seconds to set up. We will use it for a lot of our community connection. It’s got good privacy opportunities, great options for being able to mediate groups and have visual contact with others, while still having safeguards in place. Life Communities will meet through zoom  along with other communities that require face to face interaction and privacy.

All other connecting points will go live on Facebook and Instagram. We will use REUNION.online.church for all our Sunday morning gatherings so be sure to bookmark that page. We can’t wait to connect in community with you in this season. See you ONLINE this Sunday at reunionmovement.com/ ! 

The Reunion Team