We love you. We care about you. We are closely following the COVID-19 infection in Massachusetts and above all have our communities and cities well being and health in mind. We are and will continue to follow closely the recommendations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

As we become more aware of Coronavirus and its effects on our community, we can see how personal touch and interaction can have a rippling impact. The president of Harvard said it best when he said, “These past few weeks have been a powerful reminder of just how connected we are to one another—and how our choices today determine our options tomorrow.” 

While we are actively choosing not to be led by fear or anxiety in this season, we are choosing to be led by love and wisdom. We have always been a church who seeks to love this city and BLESS our neighbors. The best defense the vulnerable have against COVID-19 is for those people who are healthy to take serious measures and protect themselves and others.  

What more loving thing can we do than disrupt our routine in ways we don’t want to for the sake of others? At this time we believe the most loving and wise thing we can do for the sake of our neighbors and community is to temporarily shift all of our Sunday gatherings online for the next two weeks (March 15th and 22nd). 

We will livestream our gatherings online Sunday morning at 10:30AM. There will be a time of worship, communion, teaching and prayer. We’ll also have a seperate “Children’s story time” directly following the gathering through our online platform.  

Our hope is to resume in-person gatherings March 29th, but this two weeks shift will allow us time to gather more information and properly assess the situation in order to make the best decision moving forward.  

We will also be shifting our meal packing event with Rise Against Hunger to the 5th Sunday in May. We will keep you updated as we have more details. For more information regarding our online gatherings and to stay up to date with news, be sure to follow us on all social media platforms: We’d love to encourage you to automate your giving online so we can continue to help people find their way back to God. If you are in need of assistance during this time, or able to offer assistance (storage, help with flights, housing, etc) please email info@reunionboston.com.


See you online this Sunday! 

Coronavirus update page

Use this website for news and updates concerning Coronavirus and to join us online for the next two weeks!

Chris Hall

Lead Pastor