Welcome to another night of Community Groups! Please lean into this guide as much as you need to; use this as a tool to help facilitate fruitful conversation, but please do not let this become a script if you do not need it to be. You know your group better than I do! The goal for this discussion is to consider why we have such an aversion to any sense of boredom, and what that might be doing to our spiritual life. If you can arrive at that destination with your group more efficiently with different questions, please feel free to simply use these as inspiration!



1. In what circumstances do you find yourself getting bored?
2. What do you do when you are bored?


Scripture Reading

Matthew 3:16-4:2


Discussion Questions

1. Imagine you were reading the story of Jesus’ life for the first time. How would you have expected him to begin his ministry?

Read passage. Ask your group if anything sticks out to them.

  1. Often, it is easy for us to read this text and feel as though being sent into the desert seems like a sort of punishment, like a divine time-out. Clearly this was not the case, since right before going into the desert Jesus is told how pleased the Father is with Him. Why do you think that the Holy Spirit wanted Jesus to start His ministry this way?
  2. John Mark Comer said of this passage that, “Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness because it was there, and only there, that Jesus was at the height of his spiritual powers. It was only after a month and a half of prayer and fasting in the quiet place that he had the capacity to take on the devil himself and walk away unscathered.”

    And Henri Nouwen said, “Without solitude it is virtually impossible to live a spiritual life… We do not take the spiritual life seriously if we do not set aside some time to be with God and listen to Him.”
    Do you agree? Why or why not?

  3.  What do you think you miss out on because of your intense allergy to boredom?

  4. How can you seek to recapture that and help others to do the same?

    Diving Deeper: Silence

    1. Watch this 15 minute guided silence video

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