Welcome to another night of Community Groups! Please lean into this guide as much as you need to; use this as a tool to help facilitate fruitful conversation, but please do not let this become a script if you do not need it to be. You know your group better than I do! The goal for this discussion is to wrestle with what it is that we are beholding and how that is affecting us. If you can arrive at that destination with your group more efficiently with different questions, please feel free to simply use these as inspiration!



The average person has an attention span of about 8 seconds. What is the most embarrassing time your attention span had failed you.


Scripture Reading

Psalm 27


Discussion Questions

Read passage.

  1. Describe the overall tone of this Psalm.
  2. What is the focus of the Psalmist?
    Leader’s Note: The Hebrew word in verse 4 that is translated as gaze upon or behold carries with it the idea of joyfully seeing and experiencing.
  3. Consider the following statement from Ronald Rolheiser:

    “Today, a number of historical circumstances are blindly flowing together and accidentally conspiring to produce a climate within which it is difficult not just to think about God or to pray, but simply to have an interior depth whatsoever….

    We, for every kind of reason, good and bad, are distracting ourselves into spiritual oblivion.

    It is not that we have anything against God, depth, and spirit, we would like these, it is just that we are habitually too preoccupied to have any of these show up on our radar screens. We are more busy than bad, more distracted than nonspiritual, and more interested in the movie theater, the sports stadium, and shopping malls and the fantasy life they produce in us than we are in church. Pathological busyness, distraction, and restlessness are major blocks today within our spiritual lives.”

    How distracted are you? What are your primary disctractions?

  4. We all behold something. On Sunday, we explored the idea that what you behold is what you become. Do you agree or disagree with this?

  5. What are your beholding and what is the logical conclusion of that?

  6. What might it mean for you to behold Jesus? What would that look like?

  7. What impact would that have on you, your family, and your community?
    Read passage.

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