Welcome to another night of Community Groups! Please lean into this guide as much as you need to; use this as a tool to help facilitate fruitful conversation, but please do not let this become a script if you do not need it to be. You know your group better than I do! The goal for this evening is to help your group become more aware that God is with them in the midst of their mental health struggles. If you can arrive at that destination with your group more efficiently with different questions, please feel free to simply use these as inspiration!



Describe a time in your life when you felt alone. 


Scripture Reading

1 Kings 19


Discussion Questions


  1. Who can recap the sermon from Sunday?

Read passage.

  1. What is the background of our text? Feel free to reference 1 Kings 18.
  2. How would you expect Elijah to be feeling after 1 Kings 18? Is his depression a surprise to you? Why or why not?
  3. How would you expect God to respond to Elijah in the midst of his depression after having seen God’s power first hand?
  4. What do you see in God’s response to Elijah, and how does that response make you feel? (Notice that God is the one who continually initiates communication when Elijah feels alone)
  5. What role does our faith have in helping us along our mental health journey?


    Helpful Resources

Text HEALTH to 617.415.4466 for counseling resources.
The Reunion Team