Welcome to another night of Community Groups! Please lean into this guide as much as you need to; use this as a tool to help facilitate fruitful conversation, but please do not let this become a script if you do not need it to be. You know your group better than I do! The goal for this evening is to challenge and encourage your group to wrestle with why and how they should be part of the institution of the Church. If you can arrive at that destination with your group more efficiently with different questions, please feel free to simply use these as inspiration!



What comes to mind when you think of the word “institution?” Do you trust institutions? Why or why not?


Scripture Reading

1 Corinthians 12:27- 13:13


Discussion Questions

Read passage.

  1. What do you think the church should be? Be descriptive.
  2. How would you describe the way the Church is now?
  3. Often, it can be easy to think that the Church in the first century had it all together and that we need to try to get back to the “glory days” of the Church. The reality is, however, that most of our New Testament was written precisely because the Church did NOT have it together. The letters of the New Testament were written in response to gossip, issues with food distribution, hierarchy, favoritism, the mishandling of money, racism, and theological disagreements within the Church. And yet, in spite of that, the Kingdom of God expanded and the Church continued to grow. What does that say to you? How do you make sense of that, and can you take hope from that reality?
  4. What is Paul’s “More excellent way” that he mentions in verse 31? What does he want his audience to desire?
  5. Why is being a committed part of a faith community important?
  6. What can/do you contribute to your faith community? How can you express and grow in love for you community?


The Reunion Team