Welcome to another night of Community Groups! Please lean into this guide as much as you need to; use this as a tool to help facilitate fruitful conversation, but please do not let this become a script if you do not need it to be. You know your group better than I do! The goal for this evening is to challenge and encourage your group to consider how things might change if they chose to give more this Christmas season–not necessarily more gifts, but more of themselves. If you can arrive at that destination with your group more efficiently with different questions, please feel free to simply use these as inspiration!



Have you ever gotten a present that showed you that the person who gave it to you didn’t know what you like? Have you ever made that mistake with someone else? Tell us about it.


Scripture Reading

John 1:1-14, Matthew 1:18-23; Isaiah 7:14


Discussion Questions

Read John 1:1-14

  1. What stood out to you about these verses?  How does it relate to Christmas?

Read Matthew 1:18-23 & Isaiah 7:14.

  1. One of God’s names is Immanuel, which means God is with us.  That is God’s biggest gift to us – He is always with us!  A really great idea for a present is to spend meaningful time with someone.  Can you think of fun ways you could do that with someone that would make a good Christmas present?
  2. It’s pretty easy to walk into a store and buy something for someone just to “get off the hook.”  It’s a lot harder to think of something really special for someone – maybe even something that you don’t buy – maybe it’s something that you make!   What is the hardest thing about giving a special present like this for you?
    3. What are some of the traditions your family does around Christmas? How could you leverage the meaning of these traditions (or breathe new life into them) by living into this idea of “give more”?

    4. What are some of the problems that might come from only (or mainly) celebrating Christmas by giving presents?






The Reunion Team