We wrapped up our Prodigals: Finding our way back to God series this past weekend by looking at the often familiar story of the Prodigal Son. Our name “REUNION” comes from this story. We believe the story of the son returning home isn’t just a good parable or a nice story of a loving dad, we believe it’s the narrative of all humanity. In some ways, we are all prodigals who find ourselves in a distant country, far from the father, in need of a REUNION. We have a loving father scanning the horizon waiting with great anticipation for his children to find their way back home. We’ve told this story time and time again at REUNION. But this weekend we noted something we often miss. In all the other parables of Luke 15 (Lost sheep, lost coin) we see something very different than we do in the story of the Lost Son.  

When the sheep gets lost the shepherd goes and searches for it. When the coin is lost the woman sweeps the whole house searching for it. When the younger son goes missing…no one searches…why? 

What if the person who was supposed to go searching was the older brother? 

We are all brother’s and sister’s because we are all created by and dearly loved by the Father. What if it’s our job to go out and search for our younger siblings to demonstrate the family’s love and to invite them to the party? 

That’s exactly why we created this resource we are calling the “Neighboring Journal”. It’s not an in your face evangelism plan. It’s simply a resource to help us start thinking about the people we daily experience life with where we live, work and play. And to consider ways we could be better serving, loving and inviting them into the party. 

Download one here:

Love Your Neighbor Journal (1)

Or pick one up at the connections table at any of our locations. 

As you share your story and love your neighbors, we wanna celebrate with you. Share your story here

Chris Hall

Lead Pastor