This week, we are starting our annual Theology Crawl. For eight weeks, we’ll pick a different location and a different theological topic to discuss while we enjoy a drink. This summer we are going to be investigating what this idea of being “biblical” even means. This week, we’ll kick off the festivities by talking about the Bible’s origins. We’ll talk about how the Bible came to exist in its current textual form, and then promptly talk about it why that matters (if it does at all). So, if you want to learn about the Bible or just argue with people, then don’t miss this week!


This year, we are running two crawls, one south of the Charles on Tuesday nights and one north of the Charles on Wednesday nights.  If you look on our calendar on the website, you can find out more information on where we’ll be and what we’ll be discussing from week to week.  We hope to see you there!

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook to RSVP to the event so we know to expect you. 


Matt Chin

Executive Pastor