Lent is a season of preparation. It’s a season where we give up good things so we can focus on better things. It’s not a rote ritual of fasting simply so we can fulfill a religious requirement. It’s an opportunity to give up some things for a season, so we can focus on Jesus and align our hearts with his.

In many ways, Lent can feel like a desert; it can be dry, difficult, and go on forever. Yet, the challenges of Lent can also allow us to experience the joys of Easter anew. As we learn to give up things we often take comfort in, we learn again to put our trust and hope in Jesus.

Fasting Together

Below are descriptions of what we will be giving up as a community. Each week is a different fast from a different habit or thing we rely on regularly. Every weekend, we will break our fast to rest and celebrate the goodness of God in this season.  

This is also an experiential fast. When we fast we don’t simply abstain from certain things and try to suffer through it, but we set our attention and give our time to other things, better things. As we fast together as a community, we want to be intentional with our time and attention. Each day of the week there are suggestions of actions you can take as you fast to draw closer to God, learn more about yourself, and love your neighbor.  

Pray & Join us. 

Week 1: Alcohol & Caffeine. Let go of your wine, beer, and spirits. Put away the coffee, soda, and tea.

Week 2: TV, Movies & Video Games. Turn off the screen and dive into the Bible and quality time with others.

Week 3: Social Media & the Internet. Do without things like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Week 4: Sweets & Treats. Say goodbye to things with added sugar and sugar substitutes.

Week 5: Meat. Cut meat from your diet. 

Week 6: Excess. We buy more than we need, throw away tons of garbage and often still don’t feel like we have enough. Give up excess this week. Eat less food. Use fewer resources. Recycle. 

Things to Remember
Here are just a few things to keep in mind during the season of Lent.

Unfollow to Follow. Lent is not about suffering aimlessly. As you put down things, make sure to pick up habits that deepen your faith like prayer, bible study, and reflection.

Be Smart. Some fast items can be difficult/dangerous for small children, the elderly, or pregnant and nursing mothers. Make sure to fast in a way that preserves your health.

Follow Your Conscience. Some things we have chosen to give up as a community might not feel like much of a sacrifice or may be too burdensome for some reason. It is okay to add or take away as your conscience lead.

The Reunion Team