This past Sunday, we continued in our Postures of Discipleship series where we’ve been talking about the postures that we want to take as a community at Reunion to help people Discover Jesus, Become like Jesus, and Do what Jesus did.

The posture we highlighted this past Sunday was that we want to be a community that is formed by practice.  If our desire is to be disciples, then our practices should help us transform into the person God created us to be.

We introduced this idea of creating a personal rule of life to give us a purposeful plan where we can center our lives around God.  The word “rule” comes from the greek word for “trellis.”  And for those gardeners, we know that a trellis is a tool that enables a grapevine to get off the ground to become more fruitful and productive.  In a similar way, a rule of life is like a trellis to help us abide in Christ (John 15).

We invited our community to create their own rule of life.  This invitation is focused on intentionality to help us create rhythms and balance for our lives.   By creating spaces for us to rest, reflect, pray, fast, and cultivating our walk with Christ, we are able to be more aware of our limits with everything else in our lives.

We hope you join us in creating your own Rule of Life and sharing it with others.

Here is a copy of our Rule of Life handout from Sunday.