what is advent conspiracy?

At Reunion we discovered many years ago that the season of Advent was becoming something else altogether. Instead of an awe-inspiring time of expectation and joy, people were drowning in a sea of financial debt, endless gift lists, to-do lists, and events to attend. 

Every year we would come to the end of an Advent season exhausted and sensing we’d missed the point entirely. We struggled to find the connection between our Christmas lists and the glory of Jesus’ birth. The time of year when focusing on Christ should be the easiest was often the hardest. An overwhelming stress had overtaken our worship and celebration.

We decided to try something different. The Advent Conspiracy movement has four principles: Spend Less, Give More, Worship Fully, Love All.

When we combine these principles with the Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love of Advent it has the power to transform our experience of the Christmas season. Celebrating the birth of Jesus becomes an opportunity to reflect God’s heart of generosity instead of getting mired in selfishness or worse, emptiness. 

We hope you’ll join us this year in spending less, giving more, worshipping fully and loving all so Christmas can become a time of expectation and joy once again.

Reunion has been celebrating Advent Conspiracy for over 10 years and We’ve given away over $320,000 so far. partner with us this year to make a lasting impact in the lives of so many in our communities.

what is reunion doing this year?

Prior to the pandemic, household food insecurity in Massachusetts was at 8.2%. The coronavirus pandemic fueled a hunger crisis unlike any other in our lifetime, and doubled to 19.6% of households food insecure.


this year, reunion has the pleasure of partnering with community cooks, and Daniel’s Table. Learn more about our partners below.

community cooks

COMMUNITY COOKS mobilizes individuals, businesses, and churches like Reunion to offer home-prepared food to vulnerable neighbors seeking assistance from human service agencies, students working to improve their lives in after-school programs, and families struggling with food insecurity. 

Their work is founded on ensuring that people and programs in need can rely on us to show up for them like clockwork. From domestic violence support programs and homeless shelters to after-school programs, a drop-in center for street-involved youth and more, their meals enable partner agencies to stretch limited resources so they can focus on delivering critical services that help their participants to heal, learn, develop, and thrive. 

Daniel’s Table

DANIEL’S TABLE support local families and individuals in need, with a focus on locally sourced, nutritious foods whenever possible. Their goal is to find the “hidden hungry,” those folks who struggle with food security but are not eligible for or are not currently being served by traditional food programs. To accomplish this goal, they strive to introduce innovative programs which enrich the lives of Framingham residents and provide support to their neighbors in need.

Give now and until December 25