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Times are weird, stay connected to your reunion FAMILY!


Online gathering

sundays @ 10:30

We miss seeing your friendly faces but we will be holding our Sunday gatherings online on YouTube every Sunday at 10:30AM. We will provide some songs to worship, a communion moment, and a short teaching. We will premiere our Kids gathering on YouTube at 9:30AM.


Are you connected to community?

Life Communities
– (formerly Community Group) are places where life is shared and lives are changed. LCs center around relationships and meaningful, challenging conversations.

Connecting Communities are places where relationships are broadened and common interests are enjoyed together. 

Formation Communities
are experiences, trainings, retreats, or classes that deepen our knowledge of God and self, leading to transformation. 

Neighboring Communities are spaces where we learn to be good neighbors by serving our city. 


    together we can be good neighbors 

    You are the church where you live. You are the church where you work. You are the church where you play. You are a representation of Christ’s love and hope for the world.

    So, in this season, rather than mourn the loss of “Church” as we know it – what if we celebrated the expansion of the church? The unique opportunity this season offers to meet neighbors, to serve others, to get creative with how we “do church”, to demonstrate the gospel in tangible ways and to not simply invite others to church but begin to be the church for them in their midst? 

    We want to encourage everyone who calls REUNION home to consider becoming a neighborhood ambassador. If we truly believe the church is not a building or event but people – then the church isn’t closed or hindered by COVID – it’s enhanced. Text neighbor to 617-415-4466. 

    I need some help 

    This season will bring a lot of unexpected stress and hardship. We would love to help or get you connected to resources that can help you in this season. 

    I want to help

    Social distancing is important but there are still many opportunities to be good neighbors! Check out some of these volunteering opportunities with our local partners. 

    Fostering hope

    Fostering Hope and many of their church partners (including REUNION) have the honor of coming alongside child welfare professionals and advocates to support children and families through a project we are calling the Family Support Initiative.  As a church, we are partnering with Fostering Hope to help provide support to families. We may need people to run to the store to help pick up groceries, diapers, wipes or other supplies; to help drop off items to families or organizations; to translate and understand needs of families who are not English-speaking; and various other ways. Text FOSTER to 617-415-4466 if you are interested in foster/adoption or want to help support families.

    Somerville Homeless Coalition

    Somerville Homeless Coalition is working towards continuing their food distribution called “Project Soup” amidst the COVID-19 crisis.  They are finding, however, that they have extra needs during this time.  When making a donation online you can designate your donation to “Food pantry/ Project SOUP” under “If you have a special purpose for your donation…”

    Meal packing w/ Greater Boston Food bank

    The Greater Boston Food Bank is currently focusing on high need and critical projects like our CSFP and Brown Bag boxes for seniors. Volunteers will help pack these boxes as well as assist with food sorting projects like fresh bread, produce, and retail meat.

    Volunteer hours are: 

    Tuesday and Wednesday
    9 am-12 pm and 1 pm-4 pm

    9 am-12 pm and 1:30 pm-4pm

    Upon completion and submission of the form here, a member of their Community Engagement Team will reach out to you within 1-2 business days.

    the beautiful stuff project

    Want to help Somerville families while maintaining physical distancing?  Some families are having a hard time finding and purchasing diapers their families need at this time.  Diapers can be expensive and are not covered by WIC or SNAP programs.  The Beautiful Stuff Project accepts donations to support  free diaper distribution to four Somerville elementary schools.

    Cambridge health alliance

    Cambridge Health Alliance is in need of face masks.  This is CHA’s recommendation for face masks.  Sewing is needed to make these masks. (We could replace this with a video) You can bring the masks to any of Cambridge Health Alliance’s hospitals (Cambridge, Everett or Somerville Hospitals) and drop them off at the main entrance with Public Safety.

    If you are unable to leave your home, we are happy to pick up the items or have them delivered. Please contact Julia Saggese (jsaggese@challiance.org).

    Off their plate

    The Organization “Off Their Plate” is teaming up with local restaurants and frontline health providers to make sure our local businesses continue to thrive in this tough time, and deliver delicious meals, free of charge to our amazing and tireless healthcare providers. For every $100 donated, 10 meals will be served to healthcare workers and 3 shift hours restored to the community! 

    To learn more about them and the work they do check out – offtheirplate.org 

    Click here to donate a meal!

    Blackstone food distribution

    Boston Public Schools are providing free breakfast and lunch to students around the city during school closures due to COVID-19. Volunteers are needed to support food distribution at each of these sites between 7:30 am-12:30 pm Monday – Friday. Click the link to sign up or volunteer.

    Community Servings Food Boxes

    Community Servings delivers a box of shelf stable food to 1,000+ clients. Since this service is out of the norm, they are having to buy all of the shelf stable items. If anyone in the Reunion fam wants to help, each box costs $30, and you can purchase a box or boxes for one or more of their clients.


    reunion kids 

    We can’t leave the kids out! We hope you and your children will join us online before our Sunday online gathering at 9:30AM. We also want to provide you with some activities and a lesson that you can do with your child throughout the week.


    keep up with weekly updates

    There is a lot happening at Reunion. We will be using Zoom, FB/IG live, and YouTube for connecting with community. From online fitness classes to life communities to our weekly gatherings. Follow us on social media and if you aren’t already connected to our weekly email called The LOOP please subscribe today!

    If you are feeling anxious in this season please don’t hesitate to reach out! We want to remind you to take your mental health seriously in this season. If you need some support we can help connect you to resources that are available.

    The way we are doing church is changing but we still have a number of partners that rely on our support.  In order to continue helping people find their way back to God, we want to encourage you to give online. 


    P.O. Box 990472
    Boston, MA 02199

    + 617-356-7428
    + info@reunionboston.com

    south end gathering

    Sundays at 10:30 AM
    Blackstone Community Center

    50 W Brookline St,
    Boston, MA

    somerville gathering

    Sundays at 10:30 AM
    The Somerville Theatre

    55 Davis Square,

    Somerville, MA

    Quincy gathering

    Sundays at 10:30 AM 
    Atlantic Middle School

    86 Hillis Ave
    Quincy, MA