Coat Drive for Fostering Hope

Coat Drive for Fostering Hope

This Sunday at each location, you will find Christmas Trees with tags in each lobby. These are great opportunities to bless our community and LOVE ALL in this Advent season.
This year, we will be doing a coat drive with one of our partners, Fostering Hope New England. They will be gathering donation of new or gently used winter coats from toddlers to teenagers.
Each tree in each location will have tags that you can grab and take home and then come back in the next couple weeks with the coat you will be donating. You can drop your donation off at any of REUNION’s December gatherings from December 9th-23rd.
Last year, we ran out of tags! Let’s do it again this year! We want to thank everyone for their generosity and for partnering with us to love our community!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right – it’s Christmas time! We like to celebrate Christmas a little differently around REUNION. In a season where it is so easy to get overwhelmed, to get caught in the middle of culture wars and Starbucks cups, for our schedules to become hectic,  and our bank accounts to shrink like the Grinch’s heart, we LOVE to rethink Christmas as a community. Every year we invite our community to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give more, and Love all! It’s a time of year we call – Advent Conspiracy
In just a few weekends – on DECEMBER 16th – we will take up a HUGE offering and everything we take up that morning, as well as Monday-Thursday of that week, will be given away to local and global organizations we are partnered with, doing amazing things throughout our community and world! In the past 10 years, we have given away over $300,000 to these partners thanks to your amazing generosity and love. LET’S MAKE IT $350,000 THIS YEAR!
We will hope you will join us over the next few weekends and INVITE friends and family to join you!
This year’s partners are:
South End Specific:
Somerville Specific:
We will be interviewing our partners in the coming weeks on Sunday mornings so be sure to join us to learn more about how we can Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give more, and Love ALL!
The Reunion Team



Reunion has partnered with Pastor Luis Vargas and his family as they work in La Mosca, Dominican Republic since 2008. We partner with them through GO Ministries via group trips to serve with them, updates through video calls and emails, and helping them meet material needs for their community throughout the year.
Throughout this year, we’ve been working to get Luis and Reina a US visa so they could make a Thanksgiving visit to Boston – their first ever visit here! Sadly, their visa was not granted, so we will pray that they can join us for Thanksgiving 2019! 
There are two group trips coming up in 2019:
  • February 16-23: Projects will include relational work with different populations in La Mosca and construction work. The deadline to join has passed but you can still support the trip. Email Jaime to learn how.
  • July 23-30: Projects will include a medical clinic and construction work. Email Lindsay to learn more about how you can get involved!
La Mosca is a tough place to live. It’s nestled next to a trash dump where most people make their living: picking through it for things to sell. There’s poverty, sexual exploitation, drug abuse, and violence. Lately, there have been obvious manifestations of mental health issues in the community. Pray that the stigma around mental health issues would be lessened and that Luis and Reina can provide a safe space for people to feel supported.
Over the last 10 years, the work in La Mosca has been a constant partner in our Advent Conspiracy offering. Our offering has helped provide transportation to doctors visits, to and from church and to work. It’s helped expand the church building in La Mosca to provide more space for meals and outreach among many other things. We love partnering with Luis and Reina and are excited to partner with them again in our AC offering this year.
The Vargas family loves to learn! Luis and Reina continue to take courses in law and psychology, and son Yeison is in university. We know that all these skills they’re learning are being put to use immediately through their work in La Mosca. This Advent Conspiracy, we will use a portion of our offering to provide a family scholarship to support their hunger to learn. 
If you’d like to get more involved with the DR partnership but don’t quite know how, email Danielle.
The Reunion Team



We know that a lot of people in our community are not from Boston and won’t be able to go home or have a place to go for Thanksgiving. At REUNION, we want to consistently be a community that invites others into our homes to share meals and break bread.
If you don’t have a place to go for Thanksgiving or you are hosting and have a few extra spots in your home, please let Matt know.


We live in a strange time and place. While this tension is one that every generation before us has felt, it seems more poignant these days. We find ourselves feeling more and more divided. Families have stopped talking to each other. Friends have been unfriended. Angry words have been spoken. Marches have taken place. The divide continues to increase. This is the difficulty of seeking to follow Jesus in a predominantly 2 party system where neither party can or ever will fully represent the values of the Kingdom of Jesus. We often find ourselves at odds with our leaders and even our friends and both sides of the aisle.

In light of this season and the upcoming midterm elections, friend and pastor in NYC, Rich Villodas said,

“I don’t ever recall hearing so much about midterms. In my time as a pastor, I have never led a time of prayer for the midterms. Yet, this year, something is noticeably different. To that end, I created a prayer for my congregation and for the church around the country. In prayer, we are called to fundamentally name realities for the sake of shalom. We name the reality of God’s life among us, name our broken sin-stained lives, and name the cry to join God in the project of gospel renewal.

We can’t afford to pray ambiguous prayers. We need prayers that help us to shape a new social imagination marked by love, truth, forgiveness, and justice.”

He then offered up this prayer:

“In preparation for the midterm elections, Lord, we pray for our country.

Our country is hurting. Families are torn apart. Friends have turned into enemies.

Lord, may we see how morally inconsistent we are, how self-righteous we can be, how fear has deeply poisoned our hearts, how the lust for power has blinded us to the gospel.

Lord, deliver us from evil.

May we all repent first, before waiting for others to repent.

Lord, before we can pray for unity, we must personally do the hard work of unmasking our own duplicity.

Forgive us when we demonize another.

Forgive us when we speak truth without love.

Forgive us when our moral outrage is simply a facade covering our need to be right.

Forgive us when we reduce love to simply being nice while we ignore injustice.

Forgive us when we sin against another.

And may we learn to forgive when we are sinned against.

Lord, may the church be a prophetic and priestly voice. May we speak truth to power while offering healing to the oppressed and the oppressor.

Teach us to be salt and light. May our speech be always filled with grace, seasoned with salt.

Teach us to put our hope in you, and to properly discern our civic responsibilities, having our lived marked by a non-anxious presence.

Lord, before we speak, may our lives be marked by silence. But guard us from silence when you call us to speak.

Lord, you are always at work, making all things new. Make us new people with new hearts who can join you in this project of restoration.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

May it be so in our hearts, in our community and in our world.

Chris Hall

Lead Pastor



Our partnership with GO Ministries in the Dominican Republic goes far beyond our twice a year visits. Luis and Reina Vargas are much more than missionaries we support. They are family. The people of the La Mosca are part of our church family. This is a year-round partnership that doesn’t stop simply because we are back in Boston.

Recently GO shared an amazing follow-up story on our trip this past summer that demonstrates this idea perfectly – They share a story of a young man in the community who came to one of the medical clinics our team, and specifically, our Elder candidate, Jose Pagan, held during our trip this past summer. Here is his story:

“He sat broken, head down, eyes focused on the cracked concrete below his plastic chair as he waited patiently for help. He didn’t realize Hope was just around the corner. Jimmy is a Haitian immigrant living in Cien Fuegos (100 Fires), one of Santiago’s main garbage dumps. He etches out survival by doing electric work; something he was accomplished at in his home country but unrecognized across the border where he hoped to use his skills to help his family survive back in Haiti. After a successful electric job in the community, he asked to get paid and the man mocked him. When he asked again the man and a friend took machetes and violently attacked him leaving deep wounds in his arms as he protected himself and legs as his injured body crumpled to the ground. Miraculously, he survived. The emergency room stitched his wounds, but he was unable to afford the needed antibiotics and follow up care. He arrived at one of our remote clinics in La Mosca a couple of weeks later. Body broken. Spirit despaired. His wounds infected. His tendons cut through leaving his once skilled hands limp. I looked on as a doctor serving with the Reunion Christian Church medical team from Boston cared for his wounds. He and a nurse spent an hour carefully examining and cleaning each wound. When the American doctor left, his care did not. Because we partner with local leaders, Pastor Luis Vargas agreed to bring him to the daily clinic once a week for follow up care. Our doctor and nurses are caring for his wounds each week. We watched on as not only his wounds healed, but his heart healed as well. Restoring not only his body to physical health but his spirit to hope again after such a traumatic attack.”

We continue to pray for this young man and are thankful for the ongoing love and support he is receiving from our partners, Luis and Reina.

If you are interested in joining us in the partnership or to join our upcoming February trip, check out for more info!

The Reunion Team