All year at our REUNION South End location we’ve had a rhythm called, “5th Sunday Serve!”. With our partnerships with Blackstone School, the community center and Emmanuel Gospel center it created natural connections and opportunities to serve with and alongside our partnership. Every month with a 5th Sunday in the month we would “cancel” our regular Sunday morning gathering and find ways to partner and serve our friends and community. As a church family we started asking the question, “How can we do this all TOGETHER as ONE family?” Well – luckily for us, as families are getting back in town, students are settling in, and new folks are moving to the city, Sept 30th is a 5th SUNDAY! That’s where Rise Against Hunger comes in.

Rise Against Hunger is an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and aid to the world’s most vulnerable and just a few years ago we partnered with them by bringing both our locations together to pack 30,000 meals! (You can check out a recap video below). It was an amazing opportunity to come together as one family and serve our community and our world.

On Sept. 30th we will come together with both locations to pack even more meals with Rise Against Hunger at the Cambridge Community Center near Central Square at 10:30am. We won’t have our normal gathering at either location but instead will come together as one family, with our friends and communities to serve TOGETHER.

Here’s what we need from you:

It costs a lot of money to pack this many meals. You can donate to help us pay for the meals. Each meal cost roughly $0.25, so every little bit helps. Donate here

Register for the event and share the page with friends as an easy way to invite people to join you!


What: Meal packing event with REUNION and Rise Against Hunger!

Where: Cambridge Community Center

When: Sept. 30th, 10:30AM (No regular gatherings at either location!)

Invite some friends to join you and plan on joining us for this amazing event!

The Reunion Team