I was having a conversation with a friend recently and they asked how things at REUNION were going. I answered,

“Really well – we’ve been through a lot in the last few years but REUNION feels like family

All throughout the Bible we see the Church described as the family of God. This is made glaringly and beautifully obvious as you read the letters of the New Testament. After the book of Acts, almost every reference to followers of Christ is written as “Brothers and Sisters”. I don’t think this is coincidence or an accident.

If you’ve been around REUNION for even just one week you’ve probably heard us say something along the lines of, “We hope REUNION becomes a place you can call home”

That truly is one of our deepest desires for you and our community. That REUNION wouldn’t just feel like family, but would be family, and be home for you. A place where you can be challenged. A place you can be cared for. A place you can argue. A place you can laugh. A place you can cry. And a place you can grow in your relationship with Christ and with others.

One of the primary ways we experience this family at REUNION is through our community groups. Community Groups are consistent weekly gatherings of 5-15 people that come together in homes and apartments throughout the city to discuss scripture and experience life together. Like all families, they are all different sizes and make ups and no two groups look alike, but all groups share some common “family traditions”. We read the bible together. We walk through the highs and lows of life together. We dream about how we can love our neighbors and city better.

Also, like all families, there are some people you connect with better (and some people you wish weren’t part of your family) 🙂 But we love and create space for everyone at the table.

Our next session of Community Groups kicks off the week of Sept. 23rd! (Same day as our picnics at each location!)

So here is our invitation to you:

  • Join one – if you are not in a group, join one! You can find a list of nights and locations here

  • Start one – we wanna see more Community Groups all over the city, so if you have a passion and desire to create a community like this – reach out to us at info@reunionboston.com

Chris Hall

Lead Pastor