We’re introducing REUNION After Parties at our Somerville Location.  We love being in the Somerville Theatre, but it does have a drawback — we have to be out of the theatre by a certain time.  You’ll see many of us rushing to tear down after the gathering is over when we really want to hang out and get to know people.

To make up for some of that lost time of meeting new people and catching up with other people in the community, we decided to create a space for people to come together after the gathering. 

The idea was born out of our leadership community meeting a month ago.  We thought about creative ways that we could foster community at Somerville and create spaces for people to get to know one another beyond the gathering and community groups.   We came up with this idea of inviting people to someone’s backyard who lives within walking distance from the Somerville Theatre.  It’s exciting to see ideas born from our community coming to life.

We’re excited about starting this and we hope you are too.   Everyone is invited to the after party with only one requirement — you need to meet someone new!  

Here are the details of our first After Party:

When: Sunday, June 10th, after the gathering (approx 12:15pm)

Hosts:  Fj and Sam

Address: 46 Newbury Street, Somerville, MA 02144

Bring your own lunch, we’ll provide non-alcoholic drinks!  You are welcome to BYOB.