You may have noticed we recently switched over the kind of coffee we are serving at REUNION (If you’re at the South End location – you may have just noticed we are FINALLY able to serve coffee). Either way we wanted to share a little bit about the organization we are partnering with!

We’ve partnered with Collide Coffee. They are a fair trade, responsibly sourced coffee company who uses their coffee for good! We are ALL ABOUT THAT!

Many of you may know about our partnership with GO Ministries and Pastors Reina and Luis Vargas in the Dominican Republic. This coffee offers us another opportunity to partner with GO Ministries because every bag of coffee sold goes to helping feed children in the GO’s nutrition clinics in the Dominican Republic. One bag of coffee provides 6 meals for one child that week. How awesome is that??

We’ve got info cards at our coffee and connections tables at each location. Grab one to learn more about our partnership.


Maybe the most exciting part – we buy so much coffee from them they have offered our entire community a discount. If you like the coffee you can order your own at collidecoffee.co. Use the PROMO code REUNION10 and save 10% on your order.

Partner with us, partner with GO, drink good coffee!



The Reunion Team