We all have things that norm us, things that help shape our perception of the world and ourselves. Some norms, however, aren’t ones that take us to good places. Having the wrong norm can even destroy your life. In this passage, we see David and Michal living their lives according to different norms. One leads to prosperity and humility, the other to pride and shame.



What was one of the crazier things you e done? Why did you do it?


Scripture Reading

2 Samuel 6


Discussion Questions

Read 2 Samuel 6.

  1. What thoughts or questions come to mind as you read this story?
    Leader’s Note: Note

Look at 2 Samuel 6:1-11.

  1. What is the ark, and why would God kill someone for accidentally touching it?
    Leader’s Note: The ark was the sacred seat of God’s presence in Israel. As such, it was a dangerous object. God’s holiness is like a fire, if something is impure, it is burned away.
  2. What do you think of David’s response of what happened at the threshing floor? Why would he respond that way?
  3. Are there any ways that our experience of God can mirror that of David’s in this section? How so? Have you had an experience like this?
  1.  Look at 2 Samuel 6:12-23.
    1. How is does the procession of the ark into the city look different than you expected? What would be the equivalent today?
    2. How are David’s interaction with the ark different here? What has changed from the previous section?
    3. Michal’s curse is meant to illustrate that she was in the wrong, but we are not told exactly what she was in the wrong about. What do you think she did wrong?
    4. What motivates the David and Michal? What is the difference?
    5. We all have things that we allow to norm us and motivate our actions. What makes a good norm? A bad norm?
    6. How does God fit as an important norm your life? What kind of norm is God for you?
    7. What norms and motivations do we need to let go of in order to experience the freedom we see at work in David’s life?



Read 2 Corinthians 12:5-12

  1. How is the author exploring the concept of humility? How does it relate to David’s story above?
  2. Why is weakness a mark of the Christian life? What does that mean?
  3. Do you think humiltiy is a virtue we should foster today? Why? What does that virtue look like in action?


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