As we’ve been reading and reflecting on the walk to the cross and what Good Friday must have felt like for the disciples and followers of Jesus all those years ago, we wanted to recreate that night for our community.

After Jesus’ death the early followers all went back to their homes on Good Friday – terrified after watching the crucifixion of their leader and friend. They cried together, they worshipped together, they prayed together and they ate together. It was a dark but painfully beautiful evening.

We want to invite you to join us in recreating that environment through mourning, praying, and worshipping with people from our community. We will sing songs together, eat a meal together, and spend time in somber reflection on the death of Jesus Christ.

While we will share a meal the overall feeling of the night will be heavy and somber. At the end of the night we will even ask you to leave in silence, continuing to reflect on the death of Jesus Christ. The temptation will be to end the night on a high note, enjoying each other’s company. There is nothing wrong with that, but we want to spend the night carrying the weight of the cross, as the disciples did all those years ago. This will only make Sunday morning all the more beautiful when we come together as a community to celebrate that death didn’t win and our savior rose from the grave.

Sign up for a time and location that makes the most sense for you. Groups are limited to 20 people per home. This is a family friendly event so kids are most assuredly welcome and will participate in the night! (Sign ups will go live on March 18th) at tinyurl.com/REUNIONgoodfriday

Chris Hall

Lead Pastor