When Finley, our oldest child, was a baby he was a TERRIBLE sleeper. He only wanted to cuddle, he would wake up at the smallest of noises, he only slept for two hour increments, and then fought going back to sleep with everything inside his little 8 lb. body! Beth and I would wake up in the middle of the night and look at each other in disbelief wondering if we would ever sleep again and if life would ever feel “normal” again. We looked like zombies during those first few months. Stains all over our clothes, bags under our eyes, unable to form coherent adult conversation, it was rough. My mom is a pediatric nurse, so she was a great resource during this time. I would call her at all hours of the night and her gentle voice would remind us that we will sleep again some day and that Finley was a perfectly normal baby. But one night as I was complaining to her and on the verge of tears and she said, “Christopher” (she’s the only one who gets to call me by my full name), “Christopher, it’s just a phase…” and then there was a long pause and she finished with “So don’t miss it! Because one day 30 years from now you’re gonna wake up in the middle of the night and wish you could sing a song to your kid, wish you could read them one more story, wish you had told them you loved them one more time”. Her point was, in the midst of the madness, don’t miss the good. Don’t miss the beautiful opportunity you have to love this kid, to shape this child, to read stories instead of zone out and turn the TV on, to sing songs instead of yelling for them to leave you alone.

This is why Kids Matter at REUNION! We don’t wanna miss this amazing phase of their life by simply putting them in some back room of the building to watch videos. We want to invest in their lives. We want to share the love of Jesus with them. We want to watch them grow and learn and develop. We want to walk them through failure and cheerlead them through success. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in this season of life. I’m sure I won’t miss the days of my kids screaming and crying and throwing tantrums (not matter what my mom says) – but I know I don’t wanna look back on this phase and realize, I missed it. I was so preoccupied with getting my kids to leave me alone, with my own success and agendas, with my own sleep schedule, my own dreams, my own __________, that I missed it. And at REUNION we want to partner with families to make sure none of us miss it!

Would you consider partnering with us in this goal and serving in REUNIONkids? After all, it’s just a phase – don’t miss it!

Chris Hall

Lead Pastor