You may have noticed the “gift-mas” trees at each location last weekend. These are great opportunities to bless our community and LOVE ALL in this Advent season.
The tree in Somerville has ornaments that have the needs of families who are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. We invite you to grab an ornament and bring those gifts back any time in the next weeks to bless and love our local community!
Back Bay has partnered with Blackstone Innovation School. Many of their students do not have proper winter clothing. The gift-tags there have age ranges and clothing needs. We RAN OUT OF TAGS last week thanks to YOUR generosity. We will have more tags this weekend. Grab one and bring back the clothing over the next 2 weekends!
Thanks for partnering with us to love our community!

UPDATE!  On Monday, 12/18 our executive Pastor, Matt Chin, and Lead Pastor, Chris Hall dropped off a number of coats, hats, gloves and scarves, that were donated by the Back Bay Location to their new partner Blackstone School. Together we collected enough clothing for over 50 students!

The Reunion Team