It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right – it’s Christmas time! We like to celebrate Christmas a little differently around REUNION. In a season where it is so easy to get overwhelmed, to get caught in the middle of culture wars and Starbucks cups, for our schedules to become hectic, and our bank accounts to shrink like the Grinch’s heart, we LOVE to rethink Christmas as a community. Every year we invite our community to Worship fully, Spend Less, Give more, and Love all! In the past we have called this season, “Advent Conspiracy”, partnering with a movement of churches all over the world doing the same thing. This year we are simply calling if “Reunion Christmas” because it’s our prayer this approach to the season becomes the norm for Reunion at Christmas time. That this is what we will be known for as a community.

We WORSHIP FULLY, by putting down the burden of schedules, debt, stress and obligation in this season. We worship fully by centering everything we do around not only Jesus’ birth, but His life, his example, his love, his death and ultimately his resurrection. We worship fully by focusing on the things that matter in this season. There are many ways to worship besides simply attending worship gatherings at Christmas time. We seek to be a community that worships with our entire lives, not only in this season, but year round.

We also commit as a community to SPEND LESS. Spend less time worried about getting the perfect gifts and creating the perfect party or family gathering. We spend less time going into debt and comparing ourselves to everyone around us. We spend less energy getting caught up in culture ways and fighting about whether it’s “X-mas” or “Christmas”. We spend less money on gifts that no one really wants.

But we don’t simply spend less so we can have more for ourselves or so we save a few bucks on the gifts we do buy. We spend less so we are able to GIVE MORE. We give more to things that matter. We give more time to our family and friends. We give “presence” over “presents”. We give time to serving others in our community and spending time with people we love.

In doing all of this we then have the incredible opportunity to LOVE ALL. We love all through acts of intentional kindness. We love all through serving our community. And probably my favorite way – we love all by taking up a HUGE offering on Dec. 17th – giving away all the money to local and global organizations we are partnered with, doing amazing things throughout our community and world! In the past 8 years we have given away over $250,000 to these partners thanks to your amazing generosity and love.

We hope you will join us over the next few weeks and INVITE friends and family to join us as celebrate this season together and figure out ways to Worship fully, Spend Less, Give more, and Love all!

This years partners are:

GO Ministries Missionaries and Church planters – Luis and Reina Vargas
Sojourn Collegiate Ministry (Back Bay College Ministry Partner)
Bread Boston (Somerville College Ministry Partner)

Back Bay Local:
Blackstone Innovation School and Community Center
Emmanuel Gospel Center

Somerville Local:
Community Cooks
World Food Program
Somerville Homeless Coalition

We will be interviewing our partners in the coming weeks on Sunday mornings so be sure to join us to learn more about how we can LOVE ALL! Click here to learn more about generosity at Reunion.

Chris Hall

Lead Pastor