WELCOME TO REUNION MOVEMENT.  We’re excited to be launching our new website and that it is  a reflection of our vision and what we’re about.

We’re hoping the new website is easier to navigate and looks sleeker (I think it looks amazing!).  More importantly, we’re hoping it can be a place where we can share stories about what God is doing in Reunion and around the city.

As someone who was born and raised in Boston, I long for the gospel to reach into every part of the city.  For that to happen, it’s going to take a lot more than just a few good churches.   We’re going to need a movement.  We need a family of churches working and supporting one another, sharing ideas and resources.  What makes Boston unique is that it has so many different pockets of communities and neighborhoods. In fact, Boston has designated 23 neighborhoods in the city.  We aren’t even counting all of the different cities around the greater Boston area.  We dream of creating a family of 30 churches in these different neighborhoods through partnerships or planting in 30 years.  We call it 30 in 30.  These churches would share our core DNA of being gospel-centered, locally oriented, and sending in nature.  While they would all share our core DNA, we hope each church would be unique because each neighborhood in Boston is unique. For this dream to come true it’s gonna take more than one church. It’s gonna take Reunion locations, new churches, non-traditional approaches to church and life together, and it’s gonna take you!

What would it look like if all of the churches in Boston were more concerned about loving  the whole city and growing the whole body of Christ than about increasing our own specific churches?  What would it look like if different churches were present in every neighborhood across greater Boston and engaging and caring for the neighbors around them?  We would have a movement on our hands.

For us, this isn’t motivated by church growth, it’s motivated by love. The kind of sacrificial love we see displayed in Jesus Christ.  It’s motivated by our desire to see our city transformed by love, hope, joy and peace. We don’t just want to see more people in churches. We wanna see more people transformed by the love and grace of Jesus. We wanna see less crime, less injustice, less hatred, less racism, less despair,and more love. That’s at the heart of our 30 in 30 vision. Love and movement. Will you join us?

Matt Chin

Executive Pastor