We are in search for a new location pastor for Reunion Somerville!

The Somerville Location Pastor leads a single REUNION campus in concert with the overall direction of REUNION and is responsible for the campus’s growth, health and alignment to our DNA. The Location Pastor is responsible for shepherding people who are in the process of finding their way back to God in Somerville.

Primary​ ​Responsibilities
The Location​ ​Pastor​ position encompasses the following areas of responsibility:

1. Teaching
The Campus Pastor is the primary teacher at their respective campus. The Location Pastor is expected to be a part of the Teaching Team and actively involved in the creation of the messages. Also, the Location Pastor is expected to be in unison with the other campuses in the teaching schedule. While there is freedom in tailoring the message to your personal style and how the Lord is leading you, the Lead Pastor is expected to follow the same Series and Big Idea as the rest of the church. If you feel led to go in a completely different direction for a Sunday message the Location Pastor must obtain permission from the Lead Pastor.

2. Sunday​ ​Gatherings
The Location Pastor is in charge of the gathering. Anything that happens in the auditorium falls under the direct oversight of the Location Pastor. The Location Pastor is in charge of the flow of gathering and making sure standards of excellence are being met.

3. Shepherding
Part of the role of the location pastor is to be the chief shepherd of their campus. Meeting with new visitors for coffee/lunch, helping people take their next step with Christ, integrating them into the life of REUNION and counseling as needed.

4. Development
The Location Pastor is the coach of their Campus Staff. A typical campus team consists of anof both part time and full time team members. The job of the Location Pastor is to bring coaching and oversight to these staff members and areas of ministry at their respective campus. The location pastor is also responsible for building teams necessary for the health of the campus and for equipping and developing leader to disciple others and do the work of ministry. Central leaders will be responsible for creating culture and training volunteers. It is the location pastors job to care for and coach leader and volunteers at their respective campus.

5.​ Connect​ ​to​ ​REUNION. The location pastor must continuously strengthen the bonds between their campus and the larger church by constantly reinforcing our priorities, vision, values, message and culture.

Other​ ​responsibilities
1. Participate in the life of the church: i.e. Community group, Worship, giving of time,
treasure (10% of income) and talent. These things are expected of every staff member
and must be modeled for the community.
2. Participate in all scheduled staff meetings and staff development times.
3. Continue honing of ministry skills.
4. Integrate Location ministries with the rest of REUNION.
5. Work in partnership with the lead team and assist as needed, including but not limited
to preaching, counseling and hospital visits.
6. Have duties completed in a timely manner as set by the Lead Pastor.
7. Be loyal to REUNION.
8. Abide by budget allocations.
9. Report monthly the status and health of the Campus.
10.Making sure that you are spending time daily in prayer and studying God’s Word so
that you can be in a position to lead others out of a growing relationship with Christ.

Women are encouraged to apply!

Email info@reunionboston.com


Matt Chin

Executive Pastor